Check Out What's On The Way...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obviously I am looking forward to Jackson's arrival for numerous reasons, but one of those reasons is that I can't wait to take thousands of pictures of him like I did with Emma! With Emma, I was just starting to get into photography as a hobby and really had no idea how to use my camera when she was an infant. I still have a lot to learn but Emma is way too quick for me to practice on now! Ha!

I just ordered a couple of small things from Etsy that will be fun to play with! From what I understand, the best time to take a lot of these pictures is within the first week or two, so hopefully I feel good enough to move around (a lot of times it requires laying on the floor and odd positions) and set things up for some cute shots of the little man!

But check out what's on the way in the mail...(the hat's, not the babies of course). Ha!

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