Ugh! Still Here!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I know it's still kind of "early" and that many people out there go past their due dates but holy cow, Jackson can't come soon enough! I am so ready for him to come so we can meet this little guy it's not even funny!

My good days and bad days seem to be much more of a roller coaster now, as in my good days are really good, and my bad days are really bad. For example, Friday night was possibly the worst night of sleep that I have ever had (I know...pretty dramatic right?). I slept great from about 10 to midnight and then woke up like it was the middle of the day! I was hot, couldn't get comfortable, and ended up tossing and turning for about 45 minutes in bed before giving up and heading downstairs to the couch and a little TV. I ended up FINALLY falling asleep on the couch (after breaking out in tears several times for no reason at all) at about 4:00AM, and then got up about 6:30AM with Emma. Yeah. Not a great start to the weekend. To top it all off, Wes had no idea that I spent 4 hours on the couch that night, which somehow made me feel even worse.

That Saturday was pretty miserable as you can imagine. I had to head into work for a couple of hours, so by the time I got home Emma was in bed for her nap. Great timing I thought! So I laid down in bed and after not being able to fall asleep for almost 3 hours, I had a complete emotional breakdown and gave up and got up once again. Somehow, I pulled myself out of my misery to end the day on a relatively good note, an exhausted, but good note, and got some sleep Saturday night. It was terrible sleep, but it was sleep.

Sunday was a beautiful day and even though we lost an hour of sleep because of the time change, which made us lose an hour of the day, we gained an hour of sunlight that night which did wonders for my mood. After doing a few odds and ins in the morning, I dragged myself out of the house to mall during Emma's nap to pick up a little surprise gift for Wes. It doesn't really compare to my iPhone that he got me, but hey, he also doesn't have to push out a kid. :)

The tough part of being this pregnant though is that even though you are supposed to be relaxing, and that's the first thing that everyone tells you that you should be doing, some days its almost physically impossible. Yesterday evening I was definitely nesting and tried to keep my craziness to a minimum but it was pretty much near impossible.

So here I am back at work, with a long list of things that didn't get done over the weekend, including catching up on Project Simplify (which I am already behind in after week one haha). I'm heading in for my regular doctors appointment tomorrow morning with some hope that I am at least making progress, but I'm actually hoping that I don't make it to the appointment because I go into labor tonight. :) I'm hoping the weather is still nice enough when we get home to go for a walk! You better believe I took a couple of extra laps around the mall yesterday!!

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