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Friday, March 4, 2011

Well, you may have noticed that I decided to add a couple of new pages to our blog! I decided that since I am really starting to get into this photography thing as a hobby, and I plan on doing even more since I have a lot to learn, I started two different "Photography" pages at the top of our blog. I also decided, that since I have gotten a lot of emails and comments about the budgeting and simplifying and organizing stuff, that I would dedicate a new page to the upcoming Simple Mom Project Simplify! A lot of my friends and family are new moms and whenever we get together we end up talking about the exact same struggles and challenges that we face. I by no means have any answers to any of those challenges, but I can at least document the challenges that we have as a family and talk about how we are handling them (good or bad).

All of the posts will still show up on the Home page, so you will just have to ignore the ones you aren't interested in haha, but these extra pages are just places to help keep information on different subjects. I probably won't post quite as much on those pages, especially with the new addition on his way, but I have learned a lot through other people in both being a new mom and photography so I thought why not try something new!! I am by far a professional photographer, and I clearly have TONS to learn, so those pages will be more about my start in Photography and things that I am learning along the way and things I hope to learn. I have really enjoyed it as a hobby and thought it just might be fun to share!

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