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Monday, October 24, 2011

The weekends are pretty crazy lately with trying to finish the bathroom and just keeping up with the regular laundry and cleaning with a toddler and seven month old running the house. I got to spend the day with them today though and loved every minute of it. The day was devoted to my babies. No cleaning. No painting. No laundry. Just babies.

My first thought was "Hey! I should document every part of this day and do a Day In The Life post!" Then I decided against it because I really wanted to truly spend the day with the babies, and not be stressed about where the camera is, who is chewing on it, did I have the ISO set right, etc.

Before Daddy came home from work, we headed out to play in the yard because it was gorgeous outside. I couldn't resist snapping a FEW pictures of the Squishy in his bear-hat though given the level of cuteness (who could resist with those little ears on the top)! I actually love that you can see his manly little scratch on his face from playing earlier in the day. This kid is all.man.

This was Squishy's first time in the grass so I wasn't sure if he was going to be a fan, ergo the giant old sheet spread out in the backyard. You can tell by the picture below that it didn't take long for Squishy to explore. He didn't even blink when he crawled right into the grass. Like I said...all.man.

Love this little man and his Mohawk.

I kept trying to snap a good picture of Emma but man is she quick! She was sprinting around left and right and every time I tried to get her to pause, she did something to mess with the picture (make a face, turn around, etc). This pretty much sums up Emma's feelings about Mommy trying to take pictures during playtime. I'm pretty sure that this is Emma saying "Take a picture of THIS Mom." ::: sigh :::

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