Our Trip to the Farm...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous outside so we decided to take advantage of it and head to the farm for some fall fun and pumpkins!! Squishy was strapped in the Baby Bjorn so there aren't many pictures of him, but I promise he was there! I still have a sore back to prove it!

Emma was loving life and one of her favorite parts was definitely the big tunnel. She was just short enough to run through standing up. I'm pretty sure that we would still be there if she had her say.

Then it was off to check out some of the animals. For some reason, Emma was NOT a fan of the chickens...

So we thought we would try a little tractor ride. At first, things seemed pretty good!

I don't think we got five feet before half the kids, including Emma, started crying (and you can see how close all the parents were)! I couldn't resist snapping a picture before Daddy swooped in to rescue her...

Okay, tractor ride = FAIL. Let's head back to the animals. Unlike the chickens, the goats were a big hit!

"Here Mr. Goat! Here Mr. Goat! I love you Mr. Goat!"

Then it was off for the pumpkins! We haven't actually been to a true pumpkin patch yet (where the pumpkins are still on the vines) but Emma didnt' seem to mind. Once she found the bin where the pumpkins were JUST small enough for her to pick up, we were done for. I'm pretty sure she put 7 pumpkins in our cart. It would take all her might to get them out of the bin and carry them to the cart, but as soon as she let go of that little pumpkin, both hands flew up in the air and she screamed "That was great!" Every.single.time.

Since the kids did so good and we were all starving, we decided to head off to one of Emma's favorite places, Noodles 'N Company! She LOVES it there if you can't tell by the GIANT smile on her face.

Squishy was exhausted at this point and had fallen asleep in the car, so we brought him in his car seat and he just chilled the entire time! Amazing!

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