Updated Hallway/Entryway

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I have some before and after pictures to share on my home DIY project from this weekend but I thought I would post a quick picture that I snapped with my phone on the way out this morning in the meantime.

Our hallway/entryway was pretty much a catch-all kind of space with a table that was just asking for a disaster. Our table had some pretty sharp corners and was right in Emma's pathway when she start running circles around the house. It also ended up being a giant mess most of the time because we would put anything and everything that needed to go into the basement on the table.

The update isn't perfect and I'd like to find some fun accessories to put on the shelf (I just grabbed what I had) but it works for now! It probably cost me about $40 total and everything was from target. I ended up buying a cheap white framed mirror and I just spray painted it with some black spray paint that I already had. I meant to buy a black shelf as well but found out when I got home it was espresso. DOH! So the shelf got a coat of spray paint as well! I would really like to repaint, so if that happens I'll probably move the mirror and shelf down on the wall a bit.

Inspiration                                                 Our $40 Version

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