Childbirth Class, Refrigerators & AC!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a combination for a post huh? Childbirth classes, refrigerators and air conditioning ha!

Busted Refrigerator: Check!

Busted Air Conditioning: Check!

Unhappy, Exhausted and Swollen Pregnant Mommy: Check!

Well, no luck so far with the refrigerator, we are still eating our meals out of the cooler which makes coming up with meals/lunches for work quiet difficult! Next, our AC unit broke..and what perfect timing, during the span of 90 degree days in April! A refrigerator and AC unit...only like the two most important appliances to a pregnant lady...both broken in the same week! What are the odds?

On a lighter note, Wes and I went to our first of three Childbirth classes last night and I really enjoyed it (not sure Wes had as much fun though haha). I was a little nervous about the birthing video circa 1997 but I actually made it through without passing out! As soon as I saw that TV being rolled out I quickly reminded Wes how the last birthing video I watched didn't go over so well and I had to hand off the infant I was holding to him because I was about 0.5 seconds away from hitting the floor! The best part of the class was the last few minutes where we practiced our first set of breathing exercises. It was actually really relaxing just leaning on Wes and concentrating on breathing, and imagining that we were about to meet Emma. I could have stayed there, on my little bean-bag all night long!

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  1. OMG Laura how awful. No A/C and Fridge. At least you won't be needing the A/C after tonight. Sorry to hear that Fridge is out of commission. Have you guys contacted anyone? I mean obviously you have.

    Great to hear that the CB classes went well. I'll be asking you all sorts of questions in the next few months. By then you'll be so sick of me.


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