Great Weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Everyone!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We had some absolutely beautiful weather here and it was a nice change of pace! Of course today, we are back to the rain, but at least it is warm. We had a great weekend and a pretty productive one at that!

I met my friend Kim, who is due exactly one week after me on July 15th, for lunch and some catching up on Saturday and we had a great time! It is so much fun to be able to go through this process not only with a good friend, but with someone who is so close with a due date! Our poor waiter was probably frustrated when we just chatted for an hour before even ordering but we were on a roll! It was pretty funny how many similar stories and experiences we have had. I think my favorite of the day was how we both have to beg our husbands to go to be early with us because we are either exhausted or uncomfortable and get lonely if we have to go to bed early by ourselves haha! We tend to pay the price because although we get the company, we loose the remote and have to deal with the smell of beer (which when pregnant we both not good). Haha! After a long lunch (and some delicious chocolate cake) we headed down the road to Babies R Us to share some of our wisdom with each other. Either that, or to at least tell each other how overwhelmed and confused we feel in that store haha. We couldn't help but make a few purchases and it worked out well because we have each been getting bits and pieces of great advice from other folks, so we were able to swap our advice and it worked out perfectly! The best part was buying our matching outfits for our two little girls that we agreed to dress them in and get their pictures taken. :) Overall, it was just a really fun day! Thanks Kim!

On Sunday, Wes and I got up, had some breakfast and hit Home Depot nice and early. Wes has been dreaming of planting a dogwood tree in our yard and I have been desperate to start the nursery painting so off we went! After about two hours, and one exhausted pregnant mommy haha, we headed home and started on our projects. Wes went outside to start digging his giant hole and I started painting the molding in the nursery. Let me just tell you how hard it is to paint base molding with a belly! But eventually, Wes got his tree completely planted and I got the first coat on all the base, window and door molding and one side of the closet door done. Shew!

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