From 0 to Panic In 3 Seconds Flat...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Want to know how to send a pregnant woman into a panic in no time flat? Just have the Fetal Assessment Center call out of the blue (where we have had all of our sonograms) and request another sonogram in two weeks after being told that we wouldn't need any more sonograms.

Apparently, the doctor at the Fetal Assessment Center reviewed our sonogram report and has asked us to come in again on May 12th for another fetal growth check up "to keep a close eye on things". Umm...excuse me? What?

Cue rapid heart rate and panic attack thinking something is wrong with Emma. The technician at the desk didn't know anything additional information so I will be sure to call back to find someone who does!


  1. People not be able to call and leave nasty message like that. Good luck with the sonogram. I'll be sending good thoughts for baby Emma.

  2. It took 3 seconds? Seriously though, I'm not even a mom and that would have panicked me. At least they don't want to see you 'now', so that could be your silver lining. Maybe your doc will have some info, since they are bound to report to him/her. Or maybe she's just so beautiful that they just want to see her pretty face again :)

    Keep us updated - all will be good though I'm sure. She's a trooper :)
    ~Kim (your cousin, since I know you know more than one Kim)


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