Doctor/Weekend/Sonogram Update! All In One!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shew! So many updates haha! I have been meaning to write an update everyday since last week but just kept getting sidetracked so finally, here we go!

Friday: I had my doctors appointment that was specifically for my glucose test and RH shot. The glucose test wasn't bad at all! I had to drink this orange sugary drink within 5 minutes, exactly one hour before I got my blood taken. I had to time myself and tell the office to at exactly what time I took my last swallow. Luckily, the sugar drink was actually pretty good! Ha! I have a love for flat soda (come to find out, so does my doctor haha) and it tasted just like flat, orange soda. The hardest part was having to drink it so fast. I tend to get pretty full, pretty fast so having the liquid slosh around on the way to the office was a little bad, but nothing that 5 minutes of sitting still wouldn't help. So, they took my blood at exactly one hour after I took my last sip and off it went to the lab. I haven't received the results yet, and probably will only hear from them if I don't pass. Next, I got my RH shot which I barely felt (I sure hope the epidural is that easy, although I am not holding my breath for that one haha). It did make me a little tired that night and I actually felt a little woozy on the way up to bed, but nothing a good night sleep couldn't cure. Since I was there, my doctor did a regular check up which also includes blood pressure, weight, hearing the heart beat and measuring the belly. I only gained one pound (woo hoo!), blood pressure was nice and low, heart beat was nice and strong, and the belly was measuring right on target.

Saturday/Sunday: This weekend was jam packed! I feel like I had to come to work to finally settle down and rest haha! Wes and I got up and started the day on Saturday with breakfast and a list of things to do (my kind of weekend day...I love lists haha). Wes went off to the food store first to do the weekly shopping and I started to prep the nursery for some painting! I taped off where we will be putting the chair rail molding and then continued to do some cleaning until Wes got back to look at the tape. He agreed on the height, so we finished the taping and painted the bottom portion of the wall. By the time we were done painting it was almost 3:00 and after that, we made our dessert for Easter dinner (Turtle Cheesecake YUM), dyed our Easter Eggs and finished cleaning. That's pretty much when I totally crashed on the couch haha. We woke up bright and early on Sunday, put on our second coat of white paint, and got a little bit of our tan color painted at well. Then we were off to my parents house for Easter dinner and finally got to relax for a little while. Wes finished up most of the painting today, so here is a picture of what we have so far!

Our next step is to finish painting the second coat of tan color paint on the top half and to buy our chair rail molding that will cover the line between the two (I am still trying to convince Wes that little peanut would love crown molding too haha).

Monday: We got to see the little peanut again this morning during our follow up sonogram! She looked so big! It is such a change from the first sonogram where the technician had to search around for her. From the moment that little wand hit mommy's belly, she was starring us in the face! She was head down today which would explain all the kicks to the ribs mommy was getting yesterday haha. She measured right on schedule, just about to the day! She is about 1.5 pounds so far which is a little smaller then some of the websites say, but according to the technician it was right on track. The fluid levels looked good too so that was reassuring. The extra good news is that my placenta has finally moved far enough away from the cervix to no longer be a concern. The bad news is, that now that the placenta is out of the way, we didn't get any more ultrasounds scheduled so that may have been our last one. The best part of the sonogram was when the technician had her shot of her straight on to her face, she opened her mouth, and proceeded to stick out her tongue at her Mommy and Daddy! Haha! We have a funny one on our hands already haha!

All in all, we are doing well! We are heading to a day care center tomorrow for a quick tour and to meet some of the teachers. There is a long waiting list though so I don't know if it will be an option or not, but its at least a start! I have been feeling okay lately, starting to go downhill just a bit though as the belly gets bigger, the back has started hurting a little bit more. It's getting harder by the day to get up out of bed and off the couch haha but I was impressed because I could still file my toenails the other day which I wasn't expecting to be able to do haha. Of course the position I had to wiggle in was quiet a site.

We hope everyone had a great Easter and stay tuned for our weekly update on Wednesday!

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