Thank You & Glucose Test Update

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi Everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who has donated to our March for Babies walk! It is greatly appreciated and Wes and I are looking forward to the walk coming up on May 3rd! So thank you again!

Well, I had my three hour glucose test today and boy was that a long morning. With nothing to eat or drink since midnight last night, I arrived at the doctors office a few minutes before 8:30AM to get started. Little did I know, that I actually beat most of the staff there haha. I went right in the back room, sat down, and gave my first vile of blood. The technician was really sweet and used infant needles (like the ones they use on babies in the hospital) since I was going to get pricked so many times ha. So, after the first vile, I got my sugar drink which was the same amount as last time, but twice as potent. Yikes. After chugging under the watchful eye of the technician, Emma started kicking up a storm haha. The drink didn't taste too bad but was much more sugary then before. So off to I went back into the waiting room for the first hour of waiting.

The day actually went by pretty fast. During the first hour I got to listen to the chatter of the arriving staff (who most didn't know I was there) so that was interesting. Then it was off to get pricked again. This was probably the most uncomfortable simple because of the sugar spike, you tend to get pretty nauseous. Sometime in between round two and three, I started to feel better as my glucose levels dropped, then it wasn't too bad. It was interesting to see all the other patients come and go and wonder why the girl in the corner hadn't moved haha. So all in all, not too bad. Being nauseous for half the time helped to curb the hunger pains haha. Then my mom met me there and we drove down the street for lunch at Panera Bread which did the trick! It's almost impossible to go to the doctors office to and NOT stop at Babies R Us (its right across the street), so off we were for a quick stop. Thanks for coming mom!

Then I headed home to get some work done and not have to take a full day off. The results should be in on Wednesday, and I have my next regular doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully I will hear something soon. Apparently, I just barely failed my one hour test, so the technician seemed to think that it may have just been something I ate that day, which makes me feel a little better. But we will know for sure this week!

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  1. OMG I can't imagine sitting there for three hours. Poor thing! :)


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