Another Good Doctor's Appointment!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, I had my last 2-Week doctors appointment today (from now on my appointments will be every week) and it went really well. Dr. "P" said that the my weight was perfect, Emma's size was perfect, her position was perfect and the heartbeat was all in all, a good start to the weekend!

From this point on, I think I will also be checked every week to see if we have started to make any progress (i.e. if Emma has dropped or if I have started to dilate) so maybe we will have some indication on when she will make her arrival! As of today, no progress (she is still high and no dilation) but at this point, it's still considered a good thing so I was happy to hear that news.

Dr. "P" said that the ideal time to deliver a baby is right around 39 weeks because after that the placenta can start to get a little "old". This came after a question I asked him about how long he would wait after my due date to induce, should I end up being like 2 weeks late! He said that wouldn't happen and that I "won't be pregnant after my due date"...which I am assuming means that he wants to talk induction as it gets closer. I'm not sure how I feel about that quite yet so we will see. I have always thought that I wanted to avoid induction unless there was a medical reason for it, because I wanted to leave it up to Emma and my body to tell me when she is ready to be born. Labor and delivery is hard enough already, so trying to force it to happen before my body is ready just doesn't seem to be to appealing to me. However, I have a feeling the closer I get to 40 weeks, the more and more tempting it will be to get induced because of being so uncomfortable! So I very well may change my tune ha!

Have a great weekend!

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