Just Like I Thought...Still Here!! Ha!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, just like I thought...no luck last night! Although, there were a couple of times that I think both Wes and I were convinced that last night could have been the night. I don't know what happened, maybe it was just another night of my body getting ready but she has definitely dropped more, which has been causing some new aches and pains for sure! Although the heartburn is pretty much non-existent right now and I can actually breathe!

I ended up having contractions on and off pretty much since the moment I came home from my appointment yesterday. I think the last one that I had, or at least the last BIG one, was about 8:00PM last night right as we were finishing dinner. I didn't eat much but wanted to eat a little something just in case, and just as Wes had made his last Taco of the night, wowza! The contraction lasted for a full minute, if not longer, which was pretty much the biggest one I have had to date, and definitely the most painful. I think Wes was done eating his Taco and had half the food put away before the contraction started haha!

It was a pretty bad night of sleep though. I was awake every half hour either wondering if my water had broken of if I just had a contraction or frankly because I had to go to the bathroom. Ha. There was a clear difference between the night before when she was higher and last night. The number of bathroom trips nearly quadrupled! So needless to say I am trying to take it easy today and work from home, but since I got up earlier then normal and immediately started cleaning, I don't know how "easy" the day will be. Can someone say "Nesting"?!?!?!

So here we are back on the waiting game. It could be hours, days or even weeks before she arrives! It's the not knowing that absolutely drives me crazy!!


  1. Aw I was hoping that she was going to make her debut! Well hang in there. I'm glad your able to work from home today.

  2. Right there with you, on the nerves!



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