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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lately I have started thinking about what life was like pre-Emma and what it will be like when Emma arrives. I guess since the big day is getting so close now, it makes my mind race. So I thought I would put together a list of the things I will not miss about being pregnant, and also the things that I will miss about being pregnant.

Things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:
  1. Having to sleep sitting up because of heartburn.
  2. The inability to easily put socks and shoes on.
  3. Being able to shop at one store at the mall.
  4. Being able to only wear flip flops because of swollen feet.
  5. Having to sleep on my side (when not sitting up).
  6. Having to go to bed when it is still light out because I am so tired.
  7. Not being able to relax with a glass of red wine.
  8. Getting the :::side-eyes::: look from strangers wondering if my coffee cup is filled with regular, or decaf.
  9. Having strangers touch my belly or comment on the size of it, like I can help it.
  10. Receiving more "advice" then I know what to do with.

Things I WILL miss about being pregnant:

  1. Never being alone, always having Emma with me.
  2. Feeling Emma get the hiccups.
  3. Watching Wes rub the belly and talk to his daughter.
  4. Being able to balance my cup and plate on my belly. :)
  5. Knowing that Emma is safe right where she is.
  6. Laying in bed just talking to Emma.
  7. Being let into places to use the bathroom that isn't open to the public. Haha.
  8. Being able to share such an amazing experience with my family and friends.
  9. Being able to protect Emma 24/7.
  10. Growing my relationship with Wes from Husband and Wife to Husband and Wife and Mommy and Daddy.

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