Shew! What A Morning!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I suppose it's the heat but wow, what a morning! I am REALLY feeling SUPER pregnant today! Ha!

Wes got to work from home today (totally jealous) so he got to sleep in, which I thought would be great because I could sleep in too and just take my time getting ready. Nope, I slept HORRIBLE last night thanks to some heartburn that I haven't seen in days...and to top it off, I was wide awake at 5:30AM! Of course now, I am completely exhausted though haha.

It's going to be really warm today and I could tell early because my fingers and feet were swollen almost immediately this morning. are some of the latest fun pregnancy facts!
  1. I can no longer use the emergency break in our car because I can't bend down to release it.
  2. I couldn't not waddle, if my life depended on it (thanks to the giant watermelon that is slowly descending into my pelvis).
  3. I now have to get up a minimum of three times a night to use the restroom because Emma is so low and likes to use my bladder as a pillow.
  4. Emma has an incredible ability to completely deform my belly when she moves now. Sometimes, I think she stretches both feet and both hands out at the same time, turning Mommy's tummy into a complete square (which is a little awkward in the middle of a meeting).
  5. Wes had to roll up the bottom of my jeans this morning because I can no longer reach that far down.
  6. Despite all of the above, I am still feeling pretty good! Exhausted...but pretty good!

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