Doctors Visit, Babies R Us, Boating & Nursery!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi Everyone! We hope you had a great holiday weekend! Wes and I thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend and I now feel much more prepared for Emma's arrival.

I started the weekend with my normal doctors appointment on Friday afternoon which was pretty typical. As you will probably remember from previous posts, I came down with a case of Poison Ivy a few weeks back and that has been gone for a while now (still healing, but not itchy anymore). However, about two weeks ago, I started developing these little red bumps that I thought was follow on Poison Ivy. Well, they started showing up in random spots not anywhere near my Poison Ivy, like my ankles and arms and even some on my tummy. So of course my first stop was the Internet where I self-diagnosed myself with Prurigo of Pregnancy, which is characterized by many tiny bumps that look like bug bites. They can occur anywhere on your body, but you're most likely to get them on your hands, feet, arms, and legs, which is right where I have most of them. So everyday, I seem to find another little itchy bump and asked my doctor about it on Friday. He didn't seem to have a diagnosis or really recognize what they were, but did some additional blood work to make sure everything was fine. Although the little bumps can be extremely itchy and annoying, Prurigo of Pregnancy appears to pose no risk to the baby. This condition generally starts around the beginning of the third trimester and may last for up to three months after you give birth. Yikes! So we will see what happens! Other then that, successful checkup! We heard Emma's heartbeat yet again and she seems to be measuring right on track. From our last ultrasound, she is about at the 45% growth, so a little smaller then average but right on track to be upper 6lbs lower 7 lbs at birth.

After the doctors appointment my mom and I headed over to Babies R Us to pick up some final items that we still needed like a mattress, changing pad, breast pump, etc. We also ordered our rocker which will hopefully come in next week!

On Saturday, we headed out on the boat for Emma's first boat ride and she loved it! She did great! No problems at all and even ended up moving and kicking a ton right after we slowed down for a break as if to say "Faster Mommy Faster!!" Ha!

The rest of the weekend was spent getting things done around the house and putting together the Nursery. Emma's crib is all set up now with mattress, clean sheets, bumper and fish mobile! Her dresser is also set up and ready to be used also as a changing table. Sheets, towels, washcloths, blankets and clothes are washed and ready for use! Bath tub and bathing supplies are set up and ready for a dirty baby! We were also able to put up one of Emma's decals in her Nursery and we love it! It's super cute and right above her crib (pictures to come soon).

All in all, a great, long weekend! To top it off...Emma made Mommy laugh again last night with her second case of the hiccups!! I love it!!

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