Is Today Over Yet?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Overall, just not a good day. Although the high temperature today is a whopping 78 degrees, my body has decided to rebel and act as if it was 98 degrees outside. I wore my flip flops into work today just because I was planning on heels and thought I would save myself another 10 minutes. Well, let's just say that the little toe sausages won't even come close to fitting into the heels so I am still in flip flops, and heading to a meeting with executives shortly. That should go over well! My poor little fingers are so tight and swollen today that it's actually hard to type!

I am completely exhausted today, and I even took it pretty easy last night and kept the "nesting" to a minimum. Despite the fact that our furniture was delivered and all I wanted to do was wash and put away Emma's clothes. I held off so I could purchase some little organizers and ended up watching a Pirates of the Caribbean movie on TV (the second one which in my opinion is the best one) and headed off to bed. You would think that I haven't slept in days with how tired I am.

I guess it is just going to be one of those days! I am already looking forward to going to bed tonight!

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