Curtains, Glider & Infant Care Class Update!

Friday, May 29, 2009

We attended our Infant Care and Safety Class last night which sure was interesting! I don't think it was really what Wes or I was expecting but overall not horrible. It was a LONG night, a 3.5 hour course with no breaks but we lived through it haha. We did learn some things, like how to bathe Emma when she first comes home, how to care for the umbilical cord, crib safety, different things Emma might develop, etc but that was almost all in the last hour! The other 2.5 were filled with a lot of the same information from our Childbirth Class, for example, what happens to the baby right after birth, etc. So in general, we learned several things, but not as much as I was hoping for.

We did get a call though that our Glider and Ottoman came in, so we get to go pick that up tomorrow! I am not crazy about the color of the cushion (apparently you can't just have to choose based on the wood combinations they offer) but I may try to see if we can get a cover made. If not, Emma will have an adorable pink afghan that her Great Grandmother has made her to drape over the chair. We also chose curtains for the Nursery that will help make it a little more "girly" for Emma.

Mommy has been making progress too with some of the not so fun things to do, like getting insurance lined up, signing up for a Pediatrician, etc. This weekend though is the start of me going through the 34 pages of information I need to fill out for maternity leave. Oh boy!


  1. I had a question? What the classes free for you or did you have to pay? I just received my booklet from the hospital and I wasn't sure. I got in a week to the doctor, so I guess I will start signing up soon. When did you sign up for childbirthing class? Any insight would be awesome.

  2. Hi Jen, we had to pay a fee for our classes. I think our three week Childbirth class was $55 total, and our Infant Care Class was $25 total. We signed up for classes several weeks ago but mainly because if we didn't get in to the ones we did, we would have been cutting it a little close to our due date and I didn't want that. So I signed up kind of early, just based on the limited schedule that we had to choose from. I am the type of person who would much rather have something like that done early, then stress myself out thinking "What happens if the baby is a month early and we haven't gone to class yet!"


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